CREATIVE PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY – Video tutorial – part one

In this tutorial, I will give you an insight into the process of creating a photo composite with a focus on creative product photography. Before I started to devote myself fully to product and advertising photography, I worked as a graphic designer since 2000. So in my case, photoshop was first and then a camera.

This seems to have contributed to my future direction, because if I have to take a creative photo, it usually ends up in photo compositing.

What is the photo composite actually?
It's a photo that is composed of multiple photos, mostly assembled together in a photoshop.

How to create a photo composite?
One thing I know for sure is that, it takes much longer than taking one shot. It is very important to decompose or divide the particular visual that we want to achieve in the end into individual photos.  Preparation is the key. If we want to achieve desired end result, many times it is necessary use various props to place / hang / stick or otherwise fix the photographed product in a certain position. It is important that the camera or the product does not move during the shooting - so it is necessary to take a tripod. For triggering the cammera, I do recommend using a remote trigger or taking pictures directly to a computer (Adobe Lightroom, Capture One ...). The key is to touch the camera as little as possible to avoid micro shakes between photos. Another important thing is light - it should be the same throughout the entire photography process.

What is the point of creating a photo composites?
First of all there is 100% control over all elements of the photo composite - we leave nothing to chance. When I take pictures of individual parts of the puzzle I proceed by taking pictures until I can catch what I want so much. Another advantage of this technique is that you can create a photo that would not otherwise be taken directly, or would be very difficult, complicated, or too expensive to realize. The last benefit is that not everyone is doing this, so if you want to stand out from the crowd of photographers, don't do things the way everyone does. Of course, it also has dark sides, this method is more time-consuming and requires a great dose of patience. So, if you're not patient enough, don't even try :-)

And not to forget, it also requires a certain level of photoshop skills. I don't see it as an issue because I'm working with Photoshop about 20 years and the good news is that I can teach you too. If you would like to take a good step forward when editing your photos, feel free to contact me and arrange an individual course focused exactly on what you want to learn. Whether you are shooting portraits, weddings, products or landscapes, the individual course is suitable for anyone who wants to get more into the mystery of Photoshop and move their work up several levels.

Enough words, there you have a video with explanation of how I dealt with taking pictures in the fish tank and of course you can look forward to the second part, where I will show you how I approach retouching and compositing.

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